Meeting Agenda

Themes and Sessions

​6th Annual Meeting

Emerging Therapies

Amy Lloyd & Dr. Veronique Miron (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Mechanisms underpinning microglia activation driving CNS remyelination

Dr. Sinead O’Sullivan (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
In vitro models of oxidative stress induced demyelination

Dr. Adelaide Fernandes (University of Lisbon)
Targeting in situ neuroinflammation in MS


Dr. Nonnie McNicholas (St Vincents Hospital, Dubliu)

Cognitive changes in Multiple Sclerosis

Prof. Eva Havrdova (Charles University Prague)
Achievemnets and unmet needs in MS management 

Prof. David Wraith (University of Birmingham, UK)
Switching off unwanted immune responses: the mechanism of antigen-specific immunotherapy with T cell epitopes.

Prof. Michael Gill (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
Polymorphisms and Schizophrenia

Oisin O'Brien & Dr. Kara O’Connell (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
A Meta-Analysis of White Matter in Schizophrenia

Prof. Louise Gallagher (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
Rare genetic causes of neurodevelopmental disorders

Prof. Ted Dinan (University College Cork, Ireland) 
Gut microbes: impact on brain and behaviour.



Friday 18th November 2016

Registration opens: 11am

Meeting start: 12 noon

Meeting end: 6pm



Full Agenda coming soon